Monk and flower at zen temple de La Gendronnière

This summer two long term retreats will be organised at La Gendronnière :

  • First long term retreat : from tuesday 3rd to monday 23rd july 2018
  • Second long term retreat : from tuesday 10th to monday 30th july 2018

These retreats are open to all. Beginners are welcome.



A day in a zen monastery revolves around zazen, seated meditation. Zazen is Buddha’s practice, through which he realized awakening 2,600 years ago. Every day, there are 3 or 4 zazen sessions, depending on the schedule. Zen meditation is done sitting on a zafu (meditation cushion); chairs are also available if needed.

A typical day also includes teachings, ceremonies, meals taken in silence and samu (community service). Time is also set aside for relaxation and socialising.

During july the retreats last for one week. The long term retreats take place over three consecutive weeks with a rest day after each one.

The first three days (from monday to thursday) include 3 sessions of meditation per day. The last three days (called sesshin) offer four meditation sessions per day.

Important for beginners : essential introduction conference at 7pm. Please take this into account when planning your arrival.

Accommodation and prices

Practitioners staying long term are accommodated either in tents or dormitories

Long term special rate 359 euros (dormitories) / 259 euros (tents)

What ever the type of accommodation we try and make them as comfortable as possible. The tents, at a reduced price, have beds and an ecological floor insulation made of wood chips.


Philippe Reiryu CoupeyRetreat with master PHILIPPE REIRYU COUPEY

From tuesday 3rd to sunday 8th july (arrival on monday 2nd at 6pm)

Philippe Reiryu Coupey, a disciple of master Deshimaru teaches in Paris and during sesshins (retreats) in France and Germany. He has written several books on zen and notably on the teachings of master Deshimaru. His books have been published in France, Germany and the United States.

The retreat will be translated into German.

Simone Jiko WolfRetreat with master SIMONE JIKO WOLF

From tuesday 10th to sunday 15th july (arrival on monday 9th at 6pm).

Simone Jiko Wolf started practicing zen at the Paris dojo and was ordained nun by Master Deshimaru. She received transmission from japanese master Yuko Okamoto in 2004. IN 1982 she founded the zen centre at La Chaux-de-Fonds and in 2009 the temple Kôsetsu-ji in switzerland, the monastery where she lives and teaches. She is one of the presidents of the Association Zen Internationale and currently abbess of the temple la Gendronnière.

The retreat will be translated into english.

Retreat with master KATIA KÔREN ROBEL

From tuesday 17th to sunday 22nd july (arrival monday 16th at 6pm)

Katia Kôren Robel practiced at the zen Dojo in paris from 1970  with master Taisen Deshimaru who ordained her nun in 1971. She received Dharma transmission from Egawa Shinzan Zenji in 2003. She was president of the Paris zen dojo from 1996 to 2006 and teaches at the Châtelet dojo in Paris.

The retreat will be translated into english.

Begonia Kaido AgirianoRetreat with master BEGONIA KAIDO AGIRIANO

From tuesday 24th to sunday 29th july (arrival on monday 23 at 6pm).

Begonia Kaido Agiriano started practicing zen in 1983. In 1990 she was ordained nun and in 2013 received transmission of the Dharma from her master  Raphaël Dôkô Triet. She directs the zen dojo of Vitoria-Gasteiz in the basque country and practices regularly at  Seikyuji her masters temple in Seville. She has translated numerous zen works into spanish.

The retreat will be translated into spanish.


  • Parental authorisation is necessary for minors to attend.
  • Membership of the association AZI is obligatory : 45 euros (35 euros for those with limited means).
  • Animals are not allowed.


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Temple zen de la Gendronnière
41120 Valaire (près de Blois)