Reiryu Philippe Coupey

Reiryu Philippe Coupey

Reiryu philippe coupey

Philippe Coupey came to France from the United States in 1968. He practiced Zen at the Paris Dojo with Master Deshimaru, beginning in 1972, and regularly transcribed his teachings in the dojo. His notes from the Val d’Isère summer camp led to the publication of The Voice of the Valley (Bobbs-Merrill) and Sit (Hohm Press).

Since 1980, he has led sesshins in Europe and, since 1982, he has been a teacher at the Paris dojo. Every year since 1994, he has led a summer session at the Gendronnière temple.

For eight years he made commentaries on the Shin Jin Mei by Master Sosan and published the first volume of these in In the Belly of the Dragon (Deux Versant Editeurs, 2002). Recently published books include Mon Corps de Lune, Poems From the Eiheikôroku by Master Dogen and Simply Sitting, Master Dogen’s Fukanzazengi (Editions Désiris, 2007 and 2009).

He is vice-president of the Paris Zen Dojo.