Rohatsu sesshin, silent retreat - Décember 2018

Silent Sesshin in tribute to the Buddha's Awakening

Every year, in the temples, monks commemorate the Buddha's Awakening. Sitting in zazen (zen meditation), they repeat his experience.

The Rôhatsu sesshin takes place in silence, each facing himself. It is quite intensive, but open to all (see the schedules of the days below).

The 30-minute zazen follow one another and alternate with kin-hin (walking meditation).

It ends with a great ceremony in honour of the Buddha's Awakening.

Master Emmanuel Ryugaku Risacher

Emmanuel Ryugaku Risacher will be in charge of teaching. Ordained Bodhisattva in 1972 and monk in 1981 by Master Deshimaru.

A forester by trade, he left the forests to become permanent in January 2000 at the AZI headquarters in Paris.

In November 2008, he received the transmission of the Dharma from Genshu Imamura Roshi, at the Gendronnière.

Since the summer of 2016, he has been in charge of the Zen temple of La Gendronnière.

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SESSHIN (Zen meditation retreat) - December 1-8, 2018

Arrival of sesshin on saturday afternoon, December 1, dinner at 8:30 p. m.

Sesshin ends on Saturday, December 8 after lunch.


For meditation

Dark, loose and comfortable clothes (black, brown, navy blue) and a meditation cushion (zafu).

For meals

Bowl, spoon, fork + approx. 40cm x 40cm cloth (to wrap the bowl) + smaller, 20cm x 20cm white cloth (to wipe the bowl), or oryoki set if you have one.

For daily life at the monastery

May we also remind you that as in all monasteries, we ask you to be modestly dressed.


Single top sheet and fitted sheet, pillowcase.

Sheets can be rented on-site (5 euros).

Forgot something ?

A shop is available on-site.

Online registration, see HERE


• Parental authorisation is necessary for minors to attend.

• Membership of the association AZI is obligatory : 45 euros (35 euros for those with limited means).

• Animals are not allowed.


• Online enrolment : HERE

• INFORMATION : 00 33 (0)2 54 44 04 86 or by mail

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Temple zen de la Gendronnière

41120 Valaire (près de Blois)