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The AZI was founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru, and its work is to spread and develop Sôtô Zen Buddhism, the core of which is the practice of zazen, objectless meditation. Enjoy your visit.


Activities at la Gendronnière autumn 2015



Rôhatsu sesshin

Attention, please : The date and the tariffs were modified.
Date :
November 30th – December 6th 2015
Single tariff :
200 € per personn

The rôhatsu sesshin will be led by Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure

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Winter session of the great sangha

The winter session is a high point of the year when the different sanghas come together to deepen the Buddha Way and start off the new year with faith.

The session is led by Dôkô Raphaël Triet.

The leadership will be shared among IZA teachers assisted by their disciples.

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Photos of Patrick Mor Hossenshiki ceremony at Gendronnière temple

Photos of Ango at Chokokuji (Japan)


Photos of winter Session of the great Sangha 2014 at Gendronnière temple

The documentary A Zen monk life

Photos of L’esprit du geste 2014 at Gendronnière temple


Videos from the Sagesses Bouddhiste TV show on France 2. We will be selecting particularly the shows where IZA teachers were invited. Happy viewing!






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Rôhatsu sesshin

A silent sesshin in homage of Buddha’s awakening.

Every year, in each temple, the nuns and monks commemorate Buddha’s awakening, reliving his experience, sat in zazen.
The Rohatsu Sesshin unfolds in silence, facing oneself.
The 30 min zazen follow one another and alternate with kin-hin.

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