Meditation retreats august 2019

teachings at zen temple la Gendronnière

This summer 2019, various retirement options are planned, which you will discover below. For all, a special welcome for beginners is organised with many explanations, workshops and individual follow-up.

Depending on the period in question there are either three or four zazen sessions per day. Meditation is practiced seated on a zafu (meditation cushion), chairs are available if needed. The daily program also includes teachings, ceremonies, meals held in silence as well as samu (community service) and some time for relaxation and socialising.

Download the flyer.


You are coming for the "preparation period", the first 5 days

Beginners must arrive the evening before at 6pm. A conference to welcome them takes place at 7pm. For these 5 days there will be 3 meditation sessions per day.


Tent : 192 € - Dormitory : 248 € - Room for 4/5 : 310 € - Room for 2 : 353 € - Single room : 449 €

You are coming for the sesshin (intensive meditation retreat)

Arrival the evening preceding the day the sesshin starts. The retreat ends at 3pm on the last day after the temple has been tidied. There are 4 meditation sessions per day.


Tent : 96 € - Dormitory : 124 € - Room for 4/5 : 155 € - Room for 2 : 177 € - Single room : 225 €

You are coming for 9 days

Important ! For beginners there is a conference to welcome them at 7pm on the arrival day which it is important they attend. Please organise your arrival time to take this into account.


Tent : 288 €/ 232 € ( students, unemployed ) - Dormitory : 372 € - Room for 4/5 : 465 € - Room for 2 : 530 € - Single room : 674 €

En août, 30 % de réduction à partir de la deuxième retraite.

IMPORTANT: the first retreat of August, with Master Olivier Wang-Genh, having one day less, the prices are as follows

PREPARATION ( 4 days instead of 5 days) - first retreat in August only

    Tent: 160 €
    Dormitory: 207 €
    Room from 4 to 5: 258 €
    Room for 2: 294 €
    Single room: 375 €

FULL PENSION 8 DAYS - first retreat in August only

    Tent: 256 €
    Dormitory: 331 €
    Room from 4 to 5: 413 €
    Room for 2: 471 €
    Single room: 599 €


Retreat with master OLIVIER REIGEN WANG-GENH

Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh

Full retreat : from wednesday 31th of july to wednesday 7th august (arrival tuesday 30th of july evening).

Preparation (first 5 days) : from wednesday 31th july to saturday 3rd august.

Sesshin : from monday 5th to wednesday 7th (arrival sunday 4th august evening)

Olivier Reigen Wang-Gen has practiced zen since 1973 and was ordained as a monk by master Deshimaru in 1977. He received Dharma transmission from the japanese zen master Dosho Saikawa Roshi. IN 1999 Olivier Wang-Genh founded Ryumonji (Alsace) the monastery where he lives and teaches. He is the president of the Association Zen Internationale and vice president of the Union Bouddhiste de France.

The retreat will be translated into english

Retreat with master ROLAND YUNO RECH

Roland Yuno Rech

Full retreat : From saturday 10th to sunday 18th august (arrival friday 9th evening)

Preparation (First 5 days) : from saturday 10th to wednesday 14th august.

Sesshin : From friday 16th to sunday 18th 20th (arrival thursday 15th evening)

Roland Yuno Rech was ordained as a monk by master Deshimaru in 1974 and received shiho (Dharma transmission) from Niwa Zenji in 1984. He is the abbot of the temple Gyobutsuji in Nice. He directs sesshins all over Europe and at La Gendronnière where he was abbot for three years.

The retreat will be translated into english.

Retreat with master GÉRARD CHINREI PILET

Gérard Chinrei Pilet

Full retreat : from wednesday 21th to thursday 29th august (arrival tuesday 20th evening)

Preparation (first 5 days) : from wednesday 21th to sunday 25th of august ( arrival tuesday 20th evening )

Sesshin : from tuesday 27th to thursday 29th (arrival monday 26th august evening).

Gérard Chinrei Pilet has practiced zazen since meeting master Deshimaru in 1969. He moved to Paris in 1974 in order to practice with his master who ordained him monk in 1978. After the death of master Deshimaru in 1982 he taught the Dharma at the Paris dojo until 2010. In that year he moved to the Ardèche and founded the zen dojo at Annonay while continuing to direct sesshins in France and Europe. He received Dharma transmission from Yuko Okamoto Roshi.

The retreat will be translated into english. 


• Parental authorisation is necessary for minors.

• Membership of the association AZI is obligatory : 45 euros (35 euros those with limited ressources).

• Animals not allowed.


Download the flyer.

- online registration : see HERE

• Information : 02 54 44 04 86 ou

Temple zen de la Gendronnière

41120 Valaire (près de Blois)


Download the booklet for newcomers : HERE