Solidarity fund

Residents of Gendronnière

The AZG has created a solidarity fund to help monks, nuns and bodhisattvas wishing to stay at La Gendronnière for a few weeks or months. This solidarity fund helps them pay their monthly contribution towards the cost of their stay. One of the AZG's missions is to help train the temple's residents.

You can support them in the following ways:

  • Annual donation specifying as subject: Caisse de solidarité
  • Monthly transfer of 5, 10, 20, 50 euros or more with the following object: Caisse de solidarité

SeeTerms and conditions of donations

Soto Zen monk and nun formation

Soto Zen monk and nun formation

The practice of shikantaza, zazen, is the original source of all behaviour in the Zen tradition. The right concentration and attention can be deepened in the following activities: Zen sounds, how to sing sutras, ritual meals with oryoki, teisho (teachings)