Permaculture at La Gendronniere

Permaculture zen temple La Gendronnière - France

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From its foundation, the La Gendronnière Zen Temple nurtures and cherishes its vast 80ha estate with care, gratitude and respect.
Today, we naturally get inspired by permaculture methods in order to walk along and not against that which we call “nature”. The art of growing food becomes the art of non-separation between man and nature.
A global project is emerging for the temple, with a 30-year perspective, and practical measures for the next 2 to 5 years. Energy transition, carbon footprint reduction, fair sharing, in a community made of human beings, plants and animals : this is our challenge.


Download the presentation of the project « Permaculture Gendronniere 2019 » (English version soon online)


A PDF document of about 20 pages to explore, discover and invent the future of La Gendronière together, in its environmental aspects.
Many ideas ventured in this document have already been implemented, or are about to be: zero plastic, filtered watering places, etc. Have a good reading!
You’ll have all the information frequently updated on our Facebook group page : "Gendronnière Permaculture Samu ".
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2019-2020 Agricultural season announcement: Learn permaculture in a Zen Temple !