Garden of the deceased

Garden of the deceased Gendronnière

Since a law of December 19, 2008, funeral/cinerary areas created before July 31, 2005, as is the case of the Gendronnière, can again be co-managed with the town hall attached. Thus, on October 9, 2013, the Valaire municipal council authorized the reopening of the Gendronnière columbarium to accommodate the cinerary urns of former practitioners at their request or that of their families.

  • The shido or house of ancestors allows everyone to gather to honour the memory of a loved one and offer incense.
  • For those who wish it the deposit of an urn containing the ashes of the deceased can give place to a ceremony and to the installation of a wooden stele in this place.
  • After a maximum of one year the ashes can be scattered in the wild near the garden of the deceased.
  • Similarly, the ashes can be buried and a stele placed in the garden of the deceased during a funeral ceremony.
Tombe Deshimaru Gendronnière

The AZG has a legal obligation to keep a register which must include several elements such as your surname, first name, date and place of birth, address, telephone number, etc.

  • In the first place, please send a handwritten request to the AZG to the attention of Marie-Thérèse Faur-Lebon at the temple zen de la Gendronnière - 41120 Valaire, who will contact you.


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