Practical Information

peace and quiet... zen ! :-)


For meditation

Dark (black, brown, dark blue), comfortable and loose clothing. A meditation cushion (zafu)

For meals

A bowl, a spoon and fork. An approximately 40x40cm piece of cloth to wrap the bowl in. A small, 20x20 cm, piece of white cloth for wiping the bowl or an Oryoki set (traditional bowls) if you have one.

For bedding

One person's sheets, fitted sheet, pillowcase. Sheets can be rented on site (10 euros). For obvious reasons of hygiene, sheets and pillowcases are mandatory, even if you use a sleeping bag.

It should also be noted that, as in any monastery, it is recommended to wear decent clothing.

( There is a shop on site if you are missing some of these articles)


Whatever the form of the accommodation we attempt to make it comfortable. You may be lodged in a dormitory, a 4/5 person room, a 2 person room or a single room. In summer, at a reduced price, tents with beds and an insulated floor are on offer.



Shuttles for la Gendronnière are available from the stations at Blois or Onzain. We will give you more details when you enrol.


By motorway to Blois then cross the bridge over the Loire, then direction Montrichard. A Candé sur Beuvron cross the bridge in the direction of Chaumont sur Loire. After 200 metres there is a bend, continue straight on. At the top of the hill 300 metres farther on you will see a sign for la Gendronnière on the left.

200 km from Paris, 15 km from Blois, 1 Km from Candé-sur-Beuvron.

GPS : Lat 47,479392 et Long 1,256427.


• Minors require parental authorisation.

• Membership of the association AZI for 2018 is compulsory : 45 euros (35 euros for those with limited budgets).

• Animals are not allowed.


tel. 02 54 44 04 86 or email

Temple zen de la Gendronnière

41120 Valaire (près de Blois)

Download the booklet for newcomers : HERE.