Places of worship

Construction Gendronnière

One of the main missions of the religious association, the AZG, is the maintenance, repair and development of places dedicated to worship: large dojo, small dojo, sewing room of the kesa, apartment of the founder master Taisen Deshimaru. Over the years, and resources, small and large projects follow one another, and notably:


  • Renovation of Master Deshimaru's tomb. The practitioners of Daniel Guétault's dojo, near Tours, came to practice Samu at the Temple by participating in the renovation of Sensei Deshimaru's tomb. A beautiful way to pay tribute to the founder of Zen in Europe.


  • Hatto renovation. The ojukai ceremonies in June 2015 and the commemoration in 2017 of Master Deshimaru's arrival in Europe 50 years ago, were the occasion to develop and embellish the big dojo (the Hatto). This work is also aimed to make access to the dojo more functional and more comfortable in order to promote our practice at La Gendronnière throughout the year. Practitioners, temples, dojos and groups responded to the call for donations and showed generosity, which made it possible to carry out this project from which we all benefit today. The AZG wishes to thank the volunteers who carried it out, in particular Hugues Naas then in charge of the temple
  • Painting of the small dojo. Work on the small dojo at La Gendronnière has been carried out and has yet to take place. In 2018, a coat of paint for its protection was applied as part of a workshop of the Golden Fingers session, so that it could still cross many years in good condition.

The path of the Garden of the deceased. While waiting to be able to launch a project of larger scale, it was necessary to intervene as quickly as possible around the Garden of the deceased. Gendronnière residents and people who came to help before the 50th anniversary of the Soto Zen in Europe installed wood chips all along the way. An idea of Emmanuel Risacher, in charge of the temple, which allowed a very pleasant improvement. Thank you!

Jardin défunt