Find a place

To start practicing zen we recommend that you contact one of the dojos or groups of the Zen International Association (AZI)

There you will find monks, nuns and experienced practitioners to guide you. These people have themselves learnt zazen (zen meditation) from masters or former disciples often over many years. Person to person transmission is a key element in zen spirituality and each practice place is linked to a teacher who is responsible for practice in that place.

Most dojos offer regular beginner's sessions where you will be welcome. In subsequent sessions the zen principal is that beginners and experienced practitioners practice together in a spirit of sharing.

Make your choice for country and type of place: Temple, Zen Center, Dojo, Group or Correspondant.

  • Temples and monasteries
    are places of practice recognised by the Soto school and directed by a kyoshi (a certified Dharma teacher). Monasteries welcome permanent and temporary residents.
  • Zen Centers
    are places of practice that influence an entire region and which are directed by a kyoshi or an older disciple.
  • Dojos
    are places devoted to the practice of Zen and which are directed by an experienced nun or monk who practises with a master.
  • A group
    is a place where it is possible to practice Zazen.
  • A correspondant
    is a local AZI contact.

All the places of practice on this list have been recognised by the AZI Spiritual Council.