Activities at La Gendronnière

vue from the dojo altar at la Gendronnière

The different types of retreats

Every month, sesshins are organized at the Gendronnière temple. the teaching is provided by the oldest disciples of the founding master, Taisen Deshimaru.

Apart from sesshins, various types of thematic retreats are organised where zazen is complemented by the practice of an art or a discipline: «Doigts d’or», «L’ esprit du geste», «Arts et santé», etc.

The temple also hosts week-ends or weeks dedicated to the traditional practice of sewing a kesa.

For a few years now it has also been possible to particpate in "family retreats" and "first retreats" (retreats specialy designed to cater for beginners or families)

  • Sesshins
  • Sesshin for the wider Sangha
  • New Year retreat
  • Retreats "Doigts d'or", "Art & santé", "L'esprit du geste".
  • Kesa sewing
  • Family Sesshin
  • First sesshin
  • Summer retreats


Outside of retreats and sesshins, daily monastic life continues at the Gendronnière. The schedule is similar to that of a Christian monastery, with meditation, collective work, meals taken in silence and some free time for study and physical activity. At any time, you can share the residents’ life for long or short periods. It’s a wonderful opportunity to take stock and discover a new way of living, in harmony with nature, while experiencing a spiritual practice based on age-old wisdom.

The temple is under the everyday leadership and peaceful guidance of a senior teacher who, with his team, can guide you on this spiritual path.
The cost and terms and conditions of a stay at the temple can be found on the website.

Short term retreats

Long term retreats