Short term retreat

zazen, seated meditation

Withdrawing from daily life and meditating in a buddhist temple often permits us to see the world differently. It's also an ideal opportunity to plunge into the heart of zen spirituality. Beginners are always welcome and a receive a specially adapted introduction.


Daily program

Zazen, zen meditationDaily life in a zen monastery is based on the practice of zazen, seated meditation. It is the practice through which Buddha achieved enlightenment 2600 years ago. Depending on the time of year there are from two to four sessions of zazen per day. Zen meditation is performed on a zafu (meditation cushion) : chairs are available if needed.

The daily programme also includes teaching, ceremonies, meals held in silence and samu (community service). There is also some time to relax in company.

Retreat days are very structured with a precise time schedule : this structure enables the practitioner to allow themselves to be guided and to put all their energy into the practice without worrying about how things are organised.

Program (sesshin and special retreats excepted)

(Timings should be taken as approximative and may change)

6h : Get up

6h30-7h05 : zazen ( seated meditation )

7h05-7h15 : kinhin ( walking meditation )

7h15-7h40 : zazen then kaijo ( traditional sounds )

7h45-8h15 : ceremony

8h20 : procession

8h30 : genmai ( breakfast taken in silence ) + coffee/tea

9h45-12h30 : samu ( community service - with a break)

13h : meal taken in silence

14h45-17h : samu, teaching, initiation

18h00 : zazen + kaijo

19h30 : informal meal

21h30 : Bedtime or personal study time.


In order to enrol please contact the secretariat at  La Gendronnière :

Temple de La Gendronnière
Tel: +33 (0)2 54 44 04 86
Fax: +33 (0)2 54 44 04 87


( 2018, subject to change - accomodation, meals and teaching included )

One day with accommodation : €25

One week, excluding special events (workshop or sesshin): 125€ / 100€ (small budget)

+ obligatory membership of the association AZI 45 euros / 35 euros (small budget)

Practical information : see here.

Download the booklet for newcomers : HERE

Video : a day at zen temple Gendronniere during the summer retreats