Aoyama Shundo La Gendronnière

Event! Conference of the Venerable Shundo Aoyama - La Gendronnière


With the theme "Dôgen's vision on Zen practice".
The lecture will be given in Japanese and translated into French by Yoko Orimo.
To learn more about Aoyama Roshi and discover videos ( in english ) :
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Cost for the conference, the evening meal and the night 50 euros


Abbess of the Sôtô Zen monastery for the formation of nuns, Shundô Aoyama is one of Japan's most prominent Zen masters.
Considered by her mother as a gift from the Buddha, she entered the temple of Muryô-ji at the age of five, where she received a religious education. At the age of fifteen, she was ordained a nun in the Soto Zen school.
After her graduate studies at Komazawa Buddhist University, she began her career as a lecturer, leading sesshin (periods of intensive practice) and teaching the art of tea (Chado), calligraphy (Shodo) and floral arrangement (Kado).
Shundô Aoyama is also known as the author of books on Zen Buddhism, such as Zen Seeds.

Videos shot in Japan by the TV channel France 2 ( in french )