Experience a retreat in a temple

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Doing a retreat in a Zen monastery is temporarily withdrawing from your habitual preoccupations and being at the heart of the Dharma. It is putting into practice, throughout the day, the teaching of the Buddha and the masters of the transmission. Time is divided up between zazen, communal living tasks, study and teaching, and meeting people.
At a monastery, we can experience harmonious, communal life, where each person can find peaceful solitude in interdependency with others.
In this simple and profound life, far from the troubles of the world, we can rediscover a natural joy and profound peace; we return to the real nature of our existence. This is the life of a Buddha.

If you would like to experience life in a monastery, contact:
The Gendronnière (Loir-et-Cher)
Kanshoji monastery (Dordogne)
Kosan Ryumonji (Alsace)
Seikyuji (Sevilla)