Alain Tainan Liebmann

Alain Tainan Liebmann

Alain Liebmann was born in Paris in 1945.

He met Master Deshimaru in 1970 and was ordained a bodhisattva in 1971 and a monk in 1976.

He continued with the same perseverance in the Paris dojo until 1991, when he set off for Ireland, alone, where he created several dojos (Dublin, Cork, Galway).

He was also a summer camp godo at the Gendronnière for four years, and now regularly leads sesshins in Ireland and Europe.

He regularly goes to Gotanjoji, Takefu (in the Fukui Prefecture), the temple of Koshu Itabashi Zenji.

He received a twenty-five band, silk-lined kesa from him, which was made by Kodo Sawaki’s disciples.

He currently lives in Galway, the main centre for Irish Zen affiliated to the AZI.