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When the material gift unites with the spiritual gift,
Together, they produce unlimited merit.
The virtuous practice of donating provides absolutely everything,
It provides above all spiritual fulfilment.
When donating is done without the notion of self,
Its merit enlightens all suffering beings.

Takuhatsu Sutra

Traditionally, lay people take part in the practice of the Buddha Way by helping monasteries and religious people materially. The meaning of this phrase from a sutra is then understood: “Even if you cannot obtain satori, through the practice of giving, you become a true and complete child of Buddha.”
Anyone wanting to enter the Buddha Way can do so by donating. It is the conscious or unconscious expression of our gratitude to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The Buddha-way has always been maintained and propagated by the practice of giving.
Master Deshimaru was able to commit himself to his mission through the help he received from his disciples. He was able to build the Gendronnière thanks to their donations. The AZI continues the immense work of the buddhas and needs your donations.

Taiun Jean-Pierre Faure

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