Dharma Workshops at Gyobutsu Temple, Nice

Ateliers Dharma Nice

Responding to a request from practitioners, we have been holding dharma workshops once a month for about ten years now.
Faithful to the tradition of offering the teaching only to those who wish it, at the beginning of the year we ask practitioners what they would like to study from a suggested list that we provide. Then, a senior practitioner, with knowledge in a particular area, volunteers to give a teaching. Yuno Rech then looks through his own teachings to find something on the chosen subject.
The dharma workshops are programmed well in advance so that people can read up beforehand on the subject.
After the presentation, there are questions. It is, however, important that these meetings don’t become like group therapy where everyone feels they can give their own ideas. An arbitrator makes sure that meetings runs smoothly.
After studying some original Buddhist sutras, it became obvious that the sutras chanted in the dojo held a great potential for study and were useful in understanding the meaning of the ceremonies we practise. For a long time, ceremonies were not particularly appreciated in the sangha but, today, practised deeply, we understand that they contribute to our awakening.
Practising without understanding or rejecting out of distrust, are two mistaken attitudes. In this regard, the dharma workshops at Gyobutsu Ji truly fulfil their purpose in our awakening and in helping to spread the Buddha-dharma.