Let's protect the forest, let's protect La Gendronnière

About this project

SÔRIN: FOREST-SANGHA. This is one of the names given to a Zen monastery. Just as a forest is made up of trees, a sangha is all of us, together and united...
19 hectares of beautiful oak and hornbeam forest which separate La Gendronnière from the campsite are for sale. The campsite wants to buy it in order to expand and to install mobile homes and campervans.

Of course, this means cutting down the trees!

Together we can do it: we can ensure that 19 hectares of forest is unavailable for the construction of houses, caravan and mobile home parks or other human needs, and we can do it forever. Let's preserve the life of 19 hectares of trees, of all the animals and the plants as well, because it is their place of silence and life, their Dojo.

We have been talking about this for many months but the time has come to act! The agreement to sell to the AZI has just been signed at the notary's office.

The current owners have been won over by our desire to preserve, maintain and protect this forest and its biodiversity. 

La Gendronnière is in fact a sanctuary and as such has a role to play in its environment. A spiritual role, but also a cultural and ecological role, in short an exemplary role!

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