Projects and Building Work


For numerous years now, we have been thinking about how to reorganize infrastructure in order to create an easier access to our buildings for people with reduced mobility.

We have now done it…We have finished building two access ramps: the first one gives access to the cafeteria of the “nouveau bâtiment” and the second one to the building of the “communs,” giving access to two rooms exclusively reserved for people with reduced mobility, with wash and bathrooms nearby.


For about ten years we have done our best to minimize our environmental impact. One way of doing this is waste separation. Plastic, cardboard, glass, and metals are systematically sorted and brought to the recycling centre. To improve this process, we are planning to build a permanent structure to stock waste.


In order to save energy, the work of replacing the windows of the château will continue. This will go on for another three years.

In the same spirit, and also for reasons of hygiene and comfort, the refurbishment of the building ‘Ecuries’ is being considered. The ground floor will be redone with a modern kitchen twice as big, and the refectory will be able to hold around fifty people. Later, the first floor will be altered so that there will be single rooms and bathrooms.

The large building work will be done by outside companies. But smaller maintenance work is always done during samu. Thus we are always on the look out for people with skills – even just basic skills – in painting, tiling, woodworking etc.

Everybody can come and stay at the Gendronnière and participate in the life of the temple: practicing zazen, sewing the kesa and enjoying the superb setting.


Yusen Hugues Naas