Five ways to participate this summer

Zafus, temple zen de La Gendronnière

29 June to 28 August 2021 - 4 one-week sessions in July - 1 9-day Grand Sangha session in early August - 2 9-day sessions in August

Cinq façons de participer
  Length of stay Your participation To register
1. One session 7 or 9 days See price list
2.Two or more sessions

21 days (in July) or 28 days (in August)

Special rate
3. Tight budget 1 session or more If you have financial difficulties, after agreement with the godo in charge of the session, you can benefit registration form.
from an additional reduction of 20%
(rate x 0.8). This rate is only applicable for participation in a full session.
4. Assistant (confirmed) 2 or 3 full and consecutive sessions, including at least 1 nine-day session in August

You arrive the day before your first session and leave the day after your last session. You are recommended by an AZI Zen Master and you have already participated in the association's activities.

You benefit from a 50% reduction compared to the rates shown here.

Application letter to be sent by e-mail at least 15 days before your stay (including the recommendation of your reference AZI teacher) to:
5. Summer resident 26 June - 29 August

You live at La Gendronnière all summer.

You are recommended by an AZI Zen Master and have already participated in the association's activities.

Letter of application to be sent by email BEFORE JUNE 15, 2021 (including the recommendation
from your AZI teacher
teacher of reference) to the following address

The Rates


Retreat with master PHILIPPE REIRYU COUPEY

From Tuesday 29 June to Sunday 4 July. Arrival on Monday 28 June at 6 pm.

Philippe Reiryu Coupey, a disciple of Master Deshimaru, teaches in Paris and in sesshins (retreats) in France and Germany. He has written and published several books on Zen, including three books on Master Deshimaru's teaching. These books are available in France, Germany and the United States.

The retreat will be translated into German.


Retreat with master HUGUES YUSEN NAAS

From Tuesday 7 July to Sunday 12 July (arrival on Monday 6/7 at 6 pm).

Hugues Yusen Naas was born in 1952 in Strasbourg. He has been practicing zazen since 1975 and received the monk's ordination from Master Deshimaru in 1977. He followed the latter until his death. He received the Dharma transmission in 2009 from Master Raphaël Doko Triet. He was in charge of the La Gendronnière temple from 2002 to 2016. He teaches in the dojo and organises the daily life and the follow-up of the work. He then founded the Daishugyoji Zen Centre in Lower Normandy and led retreats in France and abroad.

The retreat will be translated into English.


Retreat with master ALAIN TAINEN LIEBMANN

From Tuesday 13 to Sunday 18 July. Arrival on Monday 12 July at 6 pm.

Alain Tainen Liebmann, the new abbot of La Gendronnière, was born in Paris in 1945. Ordained a bodhisattva in 1970 and a monk in 1976 by Master Deshimaru, he followed his teaching directly and intimately for more than twelve years at the Zen Dojo in Paris. After his death, he went to Ireland where, for twenty-three years, he organised several summer camps on the Aran Islands (Inismor) and in Connemara, and inaugurated several dojos, notably those in Dublin and Galway. He has received transmission from Koshu Itabashi zenji.

The retreat will be translated into English.


Simone Jiko WolfRetreat with master SIMONE JIKO WOLF

From Tuesday 20 to Sunday 25 July. Arrival on Monday 19 July at 6 pm.

Simone Jiko Wolf began practising Zen at the Paris dojo and was ordained a nun by Master Deshimaru. She received the transmission from Japanese master Yuko Okamoto in 2004. In 1982, she founded the Zen Centre in La Chaux-de-Fonds and in 2009 the Kôsetsu-ji temple in Switzerland, a monastery where she resides and gives teachings. She is one of the presidents of the International Zen Association and former abbess of the Gendronnière Temple.

The retreat will be translated into English.




Broader Sangha Retreat

Under the collegial direction of European Zen teachers from the AZI, the abbot of the Gendronnière temple Alain Tainen Liebman, and Hugues Yusen Naas

From Thursday 29 July to Friday 6 August. Arrival on Wednesday 28 July at 6 pm.

Konrad Tenkan Beck Yves Shoshin Crettaz Emanuela Dosan Losi
Konrad Kosan Maquestieau François Taiku Lang Patrick Rei Un Mor

The principle of this session, co-directed in a collegial manner by several Zen teachers, invites the meeting of the different sanghas of the AZI and allows for different expressions of teaching and practice. La Gendronnière Zen Temple thus fulfils its vocation of allowing unique gatherings in Europe. Thus, each day, a different teacher :

Konrad Tenkan Beck began his Zen practice in 1980 under the guidance of Master Deshimaru. In 2011, he received the transmission from his master Olivier Reigen Wang-Genh. He was the head of the Freiburg Zen Dojo until 2009 and participated in the construction and development of the Zen monastery Kosan Ryumonji in Alsace. Today he lives and practices in Nuremberg, Bavaria.

Yves Shoshin Crettaz has been practicing zazen since 1986. In 1998, he received the monk's ordination and, in 2013, the Dharma transmission from his master Raphaël Doko Triet, abbot of the Seikyuji temple, near Seville, Spain. He is responsible for the Zen Centre in Lisbon, Portugal.

Emanuela Dosan Losi was ordained a nun in 1994 by Master Roland Yuno Rech. He handed over the Dharma transmission to her in 2012. She was president of the Zen Buddhist Association of Europe from 2013 to 2016. She teaches in Moglia (Italy) and leads zazen days and sesshins in Italy and throughout Europe.

Konrad Kosan Maquestieau has been practicing zazen since 1990. In 1995 he received the monk's ordination and in 2015 the Dharma transmission from his master Roland Yuno Rech, abbot of the Gyobutsuji temple in Nice. He is responsible for the ShodoDojo in Belgium.

François Taiku Lang began practising zazen in 1992 at the Zen dojo in Nantes. He received the bodhisattva ordination in 1993 from Roland Yuno Rech, the monk ordination in 1995 and the Dharma transmission in 2018 from his master Philippe Reiryu Coupey. He has been in charge of the Nantes dojo for the past twenty years.

Patrick Rei Un Mor has been practicing zazen since 1974. He was ordained as a monk by Master Deshimaru in 1978. He was a guard for twelve years at the Paris Zen Dojo and taught there as a godo. He received Dharma transmission from Raphael Doko Triet in 2021.


Retreat with master ROLAND YUNO RECH

Full retreat: Monday 9 to Tuesday 17 August. Arrival on Sunday 8 August at 6 pm.

  •     Preparation: the first five days, Monday 10 to Friday 14 August.
  •     Sesshin: Sunday 16 to Tuesday 18 August (arrival on Saturday 15 August 6 p.m.).

Roland Yuno Rech received the monk's ordination from Master Deshimaru in 1974 and the shiho (Dharma transmission) from Niwa Zenji in 1984. He is the abbot of the Gyobutsuji temple in Nice. He leads sesshins throughout Europe and at La Gendronnière where he was abbot for three years.
The retreat will be translated into English.

Retreat with master GERARD CHINREI PILET

Full retreat: Friday 20 to Saturday 28 August. Arrival on Thursday 19 August at 6 pm.

  •     Preparation: the first five days, from Friday 21 to Tuesday 25 August.
  •     Sesshin: Thursday 27 to Saturday 29 August (arrival the day before at 6 p.m.).

Gérard Chinrei Pilet has been practising zazen since he met Master Deshimaru in 1969. He moved to Paris in 1974 to practice with his master, from whom he received the monk's ordination in 1978. After the death of Master Deshimaru in 1982, he taught Dharma at the Paris dojo until 2010. That year, he moved to the Ardèche and founded the Annonay Zen Dojo while continuing to lead practice sessions in France and Europe. He has received Dharma transmission from Yuko Okamoto Roshi.

The retreat will be translated into English.


  • Parental permission is required for minors.
  • 2020 membership to the AZI association is compulsory: 45 € (35 € for small budget).
  • Animals are not allowed.



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