MiroirHokyo, le miroir précieux

Calligraphy by Master Taisen Deshimaru

Hokyo Zanmai, The Samadhi of the Precious Mirror

Written in the IX century by Master Tozan, the successor to Ungan Donjo and the master of Sozan and Ungo Doyo. His teaching was, look at yourself, do not look at others, keep your mind free from all methods and concepts.
The Hokyo Zanmai deals with pure consciousness during zazen: zanmai, samadhi. The precious mirror, including form and non-form, reflects all phenomena of the cosmos, which appear and disappear freely and are ungraspable. The samadhi of the precious mirror is the awakening of the mind to the Buddha-nature of all existences. This chant is recited by monks in the morning in temples, alternating with the Sandokai.