beginner's retreat zen meditation


This retreat of 2.5 days has been specially organised for those people who donít know zen meditation, or have done very little practice in a dojo, or who fear they will never get there! The approach and the explanations which will be given will allow you to explore, discover and understand the basis of meditation, as taught in the thousand year old zen tradition.

It will also be very useful for those who have responsibilities in a dojo.
The subjects that will be touched upon concern the posture of the body and the attitude of mind in the dojo during zazen, ceremonies, sounds, sutras and the meaning of the rituals, samu ( service for others) the form of zen : the ritual of taking meals in a bowl: clothing ( kesa.) Each person will have the chance to ask questions during the mondo (question and answer sessions.)


The teacher

The session will be led by Guy Mokuhô Mercier, a disciple of Master Deshimaru, assisted by members of his sangha.
Guy Mokuho Mercier began zen practice in 1973 with Master Deshimaru, from whom he received ordination as a monk in 1976. He received transmission from Master Sojun Matsuno in September 2008. He is the president of the Tenborin association and one of the founders of the Zen Centre of Lanau in the Cantal ( France )


Arrival  23th of may before 6 PM - départure sunday 26th may afternoon, around 3 PM.

Thursday 23th may

18 h : La session commencera pour tous par l’enseignement de l’attitude corporelle, la posture de zazen, la pratique de kin hin, les règles dans le dojo ; il est nécessaire d’y participer

20h30 : Dîner/dinner
Friday 24th & saturday 25th may

​6h30 : lever/get up
7h00 - 8h15 : zazen puis cérémonie suivis d’une procession et du petit déjeuner/ zazen, then ceremony followed by procession and breakfast.
9 h : café et samu/coffee and samu
10h15 - 11h15 : enseignement dans le dojo/teaching in the dojo.
11h30 - 12h30 : zazen
12h30 : repas/meal
14h30 - 15h30 : samu
15h45 - 17h00 : enseignement dans le dojo et mondo/teaching in the dojo and mondo.
17h30 - 18h30 : zazen
18h45 : dîner/dinner
20h30 - 21h45 : zazen
Sunday 26th of may

​6h30 : Lever/get up
7 h - 8h15 : Zazen puis cérémonie suivi d’une procession et du petit déjeuner/zazen, then ceremony followed by procession and breakfast.
9 h : pause café et samu général nettoyage/coffee, samu, general cleaning.
10h30 - 12h00 : zazen
13 h : repas/meal


• Parental authorisation is necessary for minors to attend.

• Membership of the association AZI is obligatory : 45 euros (35 euros for those with limited means).

• Animals are not allowed.


• Online enrolment : see HERE


• INFORMATION : 00 33 (0)2 54 44 04 86 or by mail


Temple zen de la Gendronnière

41120 Valaire (près de Blois) - FRANCE