Weekends and samu weeks

The samu is the selfless activity at the service of the community, which prolongs immobile meditation in daily movement: in the vegetable garden, in the woods, in the kitchen, in cleaning, in the upkeep of green spaces, etc.

Schedules, subject to change: 6:30am-8am zazen (meditation) and ceremony, 8am breakfast, 10am-12:30pm Sat, 1pm meal, 2pm siesta, 3pm-5pm Sat, 6pm-7pm zazen, 7:30pm dinner, 9pm discussions on themes chosen by the participants.

All-inclusive rates: 19€/day room for 4 or 5 people, 25€/day room for 1 or 2 people.

WEEKEND SAMU (miso production) - Yves Crettaz
6 - 7 February, arriving on the 5th.

SAMU WEEKEND - Raphaël Triet
13 - 14 March, arriving on the 12th.

SAMU WEEK - Bruno Peslerbe
3 - 7 April, arriving on the 2nd.

SAMU WEEKEND - Hugues Naas
7 - 9 May, arriving on 6 May.

SAMU WEEKEND - Emmanuel Risacher
28 - 30 May, arriving on 27th

SAMU WEEKS - Konrad Beck
19 - 26 June, arriving on the 18th.

SAMU WEEK - Begoña Agiriano
22 - 26 September, arriving on the 21st.

SAMU WEEK - Sangha Sans Demeure
8 - 12 November, arriving on the 7th.