Spring Sesshin for the Great Sangha

Annual commemoration of the anniversary of Master Deshimaru’s death
3.5-days meditation retreat (sesshin) including the AZI General Meeting

The session will be led by Roland Yuno Rech

Four zazen per day, ceremonies, meals in silence, group tasks, and time for exchange.

  • Arrival on the evening of 5th of mai
  • Departure on May 9 after lunch and tidying up the temple

The Zen temple of La Gendronnière was founded forty years ago, in 1979 by master Deshimaru and his disciples gathered within the AZI. Today, this big sangha, made up of the different communities of monks, nuns and lay people who have been created over the years, is at the service of the future. The following events are therefore an opportunity to participate:

  • Saturday May 8, approx. 2.30 p.m.: General Assembly of the AZI
  • Sunday May 9: Tribute Ceremony to master Taisen Deshimaru