Ango in the Sangha

This year – from April 1st to July 1st at Kanshoji and from April 15th to July 15th at Ryumonji – two three-month angos will take place. These angos are officially recognised by the Soto school but cannot be taken into account for the title of kyoshi because the European temples are not sodos .

These angos will be organised according to the traditional forms and are open to all. For three months, without leaving the monastery, some fifteen monks and nuns will live the same reality together in rituals that date back to Dogen's time, Getting up each day at 4:30 and awakening on the zafu as day breaks. With the ceremony that follows they will offer up their practice yo all existences. Then it will be back to the dojo to eat rice soup in the oryoki bowls. Afterwards, there is a time devoted to cleaning and cooking. The rest of the day is spent preparing and rehearsing the ceremonies as well as receiving teaching. Through this constant practice each individual forgets him or herself and all become the body of Buddha together.
After three months of living to this rhythm something profound happens within and one comes out of the experience no longer the same as before. The merit of ango is that it transforms those who practise it. Unconsciously and naturally they are drawn closer to the activity of Buddha.
Welcome to all at the Spring ango.

PS: Those who wish to participate must have their teacher's approval.

[1] A kyoshi is a certified Dharma teacher.

[2] A sodo is a temple where monks are trained.