Hosetsu Laure Scemama

Hosetsu Laure Scemama

Hosetsu Laure Scemama was born in 1948 and worked as a teacher. Since 1977, she has practised everyday and was ordained a nun by Master Deshimaru.

She was very active in the Marrakech and Toulon dojos. From 1997 to 2002, she lived at the Gendronniere temple and then was a founding member of Kanshoji Temple (Dordogne). In 2003, she started the Limoges dojo where she teaches. She also teaches in sesshins in France and Europe.

She is vice president of the Kanshoji Zen Association and deputy general secretary of the International Zen Association.

She has practised for many months in temples in Japan and received Dharma transmission from Donin Minamizawa Roshi.

She is General Secretary of the Association Zen Internationale and is a member of its spiritual council.